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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 15, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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are, the factor tip of the day. and we tried to get the tarpin on the program. and check out and we have the interview with colonel hammar you might find it interesting. and we'd like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. o' anytime, anytime, you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a losche -- that's incorrect. do not louche, i have to do it correctly. do not use anything louche when writing the factor. all right? now you've got to look it up. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'll bill o'reilly,
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remember the spin stops here and definitely look it up. >> and this is a fox news alert. just a short while ago, the house of representatives approved a 50.7 billion dollar aid bill for victims of superstorm sandy. this is the same bill that back in late december the republican leadership pulled before a full vote could take place because it contained massive amounts of non-storm related pork and the bill tonight still laden with the same pork, pretty sad. new york becomes the first state in the nation to pass a gun control law in the wake of the sandy hook shooting tragedy. last night, lawmakers approved andrew cuomo's aggressive plan. and assault weapons ban and storing an assault weapon will
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now be considered a misdemeanor. and police will have a registry for people who r have assault weapons and limits magazine capacity to seven rounds, i hope you don't have more than three intruders in your house and gun crime sentences will be increased. pistol holders and weapons holders must renew the bills every five years and protects legal gun owners from having their identities revealed. and if-- after last night's giant gun grab my next guest immediately expressed his outrage. >> tonight, we preach about saving lives. not long ago, i think a woman was in georgia, she has several young children, her
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husband showed her how to shoot, somebody broke into her home, came after her, she shot him, i believe, six times. tonight, we're going to pass legislation that if she had eight rounds in that chamber, instead of seven, she h'd be a criminal. we haven't saved any lives tonight except for one, the political life of a governor who wants to be president and i voted no. i only wish i could have done it twice. >> pretty powerful and tomorrow, president obama will announce his power grab through executives orders, he will once again bypass congress and this will likely include banning assault weapons and blocking importation of certain guns made overseas, but president obama's willingness, even
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eagerness to unilateral ly 19 executives orders related to gun shows and guns, proves he's willing to stretch the constitution and presidential powers now to the breaking point. we have done this several times before, we saw in libya where president obama did not get congressional approval and launched air assaults over there. we saw when president obama made recess appointments when the senate wasn't in recess. that violated the separation of powers and of course, we have co-equal branches of government. we saw when president obama decided to issue an executive order stopping deportation of thousands of illegals, why? he couldn't get the dream act passed. we saw when he jammed through obamacare, remember scott brown, 41st vote, the guy suppose today stop it, he's the reconciliation process. and we saw when the justice department suppose today uphold defense of marriage act. we saw when obama unilaterally weekened welfare process, and pushed through his
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contraception mandate and learn that tomorrow when president obama announces his far reaching gun grab,'s going to do this while surrounded by a group of children, they say, wrote him after the newtown tragedy. this is the ultimate example of exploiting and politicizing a tragedy. we're going to have much more coming up on our next block, but first, the first set of tighter gun laws already enacted here in new york as we bring in republican new york state senator greg ball along with state senator michael janrus. and what you said, a woman in georgia, and a guy breaks into the house with a crowbar, she goes up into the crawl space in the attic with her two twins. the guy goes up there, she happened to hit him with five shots, all she had in the gun, five. what if there were two guys, he walked out of that house. and andrew cuomo, he has security. president obama has security. hollywood stars have security. our money and banks have security. how do you stop them? >> it's about finding the
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right balance, sean. we already have a ten bullet limit. >> sean: as of now right it's seven. >> the idea we want it make it as difficult as possible for people to walk into a movie theater, school and did the maximum amount of damage. >> sean: those are the criminals that don't obey law. what about the law abiding dn what if she missed three times and there were two of them. >> we want to make it impossible for criminals to do what they do. >> what has been accomplished, new york state is making it as difficult as possible to protect your family and it may be inconvenient to the governor and his political future, but there is a second amendment, and what we're doing is we're creating entire category of new criminals out of law abiding people and the real criminals are going to continue to commit crimes. >> you speak about this governor, hang on, you speak about this governor and show him in the state of the state address. >> want everybody to watch this, our founders and framers never mentioned hunting, never
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mentioned deer, never mentioned any of these things, talked about freedom and liberty over tyranny. watch what andrew cuomo says. >> they think extremists, no one hunts with an assault rifle. no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer and too many innocent people have died already end the madness now. reasonable control in the state of new york. make this state safer. save lives. set an example for the rest of the nation. let them look at new york and say, this is what you can do and this is what you should do. this is new york, the capital you show them how you leave. >> sean: he just made sure he will never be president. you tell how this law makes it safer for a stay at home mom
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or maybe a woman that lives alone after a divorce and a restraining order against a crazy ex-husband or ex-boyfriend. how does it make it safer. >> it makes it harder with the person with the restraining order to have damage against them and the children going to school. >> sean: you've got to be kidding. you've got to be on drugs, with all due respect. >> no, i'm not. no need for you to say that-- >> thank you. >> sean: with all due respect, for the criminals to-- you're not listening to me, i'm not the one on drugs, i don't appreciate the-- >> we're saying we'll make it as difficult as possible for them to excertificate the maximum pain as possible. they won't be able to shoot rapidly bull bullet after bullet at our children. >> sean: the next time they'll
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wr ten guns with eight shots each and the next stop, ban pistols. >> i'm glad you brought up the slippery slope. we're not doing anything revolutionary, justice scalia, no liberal in case in 2008 the second amendment right is not a right to carry any weapon for whatever purpose. already had an assault weapons ban in this country. >> sean: did no good. greg. >> i'll tell you right now, new york state, we have a mental health system and if you look at the tragedies that happened. violently mentally ill psychopaths, we have a mental health system that treats these people like numbers, and i have a mother in the that has a child-- >> i go to the slippery slope part. so now, a mother at home, defending herself. >> they don't want the mother to have the guns and the police officers to have the--
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>> and the criminals-- >> go to confiscation. >> hang on a second. >> what do we do in the next incident. cuomo mentioned confiscation. >> cuomo maybe wants to-- >> you may be on drugs if you don't. he's on the record saying he supports confiscation, and i know personally, i know personally, the negotiations and they sent his staff in most from new york city and. >> i realize i am-- i've now been accused of both of you with drugs and-- >> nothing we did is revolutionary, and all we did was tighten up existing laws. >> sean: i've got to break. >> and we go in tighter and a magazine limit we made tighter. >> sean: if you have an incident where three intruders break into a house and a law abiding citizen runs out of seven bullets and that person dies, i argue, you will have blood on your hands. >> i don't have to use
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hypotheticals, aurora, wisconsin, sandy hook, we have real life-- >> and governor cuomo will have more than seven bullets. >> coming up, the audacity of the president will out line his plans on weapons and rumor has it he will do so surrounded by exploited children. i say this again, this is what you call politicizing and exploiting a tragedy. more next. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small.
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ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. >> and welcome back to "hannity." we told you about the unprecedented measures taken in new york to limit the second amendment right of citizens there, but the anti-gun movement in america is not limited to the empire state. not even close. tomorrow as i mentioned. president obama along with uncle joe biden and his task force will present what is described as a sweeping set of gun control proposals. >> i can tell you that tomorrow the president and the vice-president will hold an
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event here at the white house to unveil a package of concrete proposals to reduce gun violence and prevent future tragedies, tragedies like the ones in newtown, connecticut. i will not get ahead of the president in terms of what his package of proposals will include. i will simply note that the president has made clear that he intends to take a comprehensive approach. >> sean: although jay carney was hesitant to outline what the president is proposing, fox news learned that an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, limits on ammunition are among the measures that will be announced at the mid day event. in addition to those extremely controversial moves our imperial president will unveil up to 19 executives orders he will take without approval of congress and details of what exactly those orders remain focused on remain sketchy at this hour, but republicans are vowing to fight back against the unilaterally and constitutionally questionable actions. what's this. >> i'm against having a king,
9:16 pm
i think having a monarch is what we fought the american revolution over and someone who wants to bypass the constitution, bypass congress, that's someone who wants to act like a king or a monarch, i've been opposed to executive orders even with republican president, from one that wants to infringe on the second amendment, we will fight tooth and nail and i promise you there will be no he rock left unturned as far as trying to stop him from usurping the constitution. >> sean: now, perhaps the worst part about tomorrow's gun control event. we're told the children are going to stay with the president. these are reportedly students who wrote in the white house in wake of the newtown school shooting last month and not surprisingly the decision to use kids in this sharply heated debate, first, tom cotton of arkansas, democratic california congressman brad sherman. jay carney says this will prevent future tragedies, how
9:17 pm
is that possible when somebody can put on their waistband eight guns, ten clips, and have 80 shots go off without missing a beat? how can you make that promise when you know and i know that's impossible to fulfill? >> sean, you could have had on your show one of our members of the sportsman's caucus or someone from judiciary, it's your show you decided to go for the ratings and get the best looking democratic congressman you could get. >> sean: very attractive congressman i've said that about you. >> the gabby giffords shooting, as tragic as it was illustrates what we're talking about here. >> sean: that was a pistol. >> the shooter had 33 rounds. when the clip was exhausted, he tried to reload, that's when the crowd rushed him. if that -- if that magazine had only had ten rounds there'd be several people, including one little girl alive today. >> sean: you say that, but you're predicating that, i'll
9:18 pm
go to congressman cotton here, on an assumption that criminals, they may be evil, they may be mentally ill, but many of them are not stupid. they're plotting and planning, and willing to do this what would prevent them taking four guns and stick it go in their waistband and pulling it out one after another. this will not prevent, there's no guarantee, as a matter of fact it's unlikely that this will prevent any future tragedy, right, congressman cotton? >> sean, i believe that's right. these gun control measures that have been reported in the news are extreme. and they're antithetical to the spirit of liberty which is what the second amendment is is all about, as much as the first amendment. moreover, this'll simply be ineffective. as you mentioned, a ban on a certain kind of magazine means just more magazines and anyone who's trained at all, as i know from my time in the army, can change a magazine in one to two seconds. a ban on so-called assault weapons, well in connecticut there already was a ban on assault weapons and adam lanza was able to obtain one. city of chicago has soch tme of
9:19 pm
the strictest gun laws and one of the highest murder rates in the country and while this might make liberals feel it wouldn't stop the shooting in newtown. we need to reform our mental health system and families have privacy laws to let them care for the mentally adult children they have. and gun-free zones we don't have those in the u.s. capitol or white house with the brave and men women where they guard us and the president. our children don't deserve less. >> sean: we guard our money that way. congressman sherman, i believe if i asked you if you believe in the constitution you'd say yes. i want you to look at the president and many are urging him to bypass article 1, section 7, and i gave examples
9:20 pm
on a bunch of issues where this president has circumvented congress. why executive order? does he not believe in co-equal branches of government? does he not believe that congress has a right to weigh in. i would think that usurping your power would be something you as a liberal is against. >> sean, every president has issued hundreds of executive orders. >> sean: not like this president. >> not true. >> sean: not like this president in this magnitude never. >> not true, you're already dreaming of what the executive order proposal would be tomorrow. the fact is, every president has issued a controversial executive orders. >> sean: why not go through congress and legislative process where they pass laws-- >> the n.r.a. says they want more effective enforcement of existing laws, that's what the executive branch is supposed to do, and where the executive order does nothing more is authorized power. >> sean: banning assault weapons would not do that. >> he's not going to ban an
9:21 pm
executive order of all the weapons. >> sean: you'll come back tomorrow if he does. >> i'll come back if banning executive orders-- >> last word, congressman? >> do you want don to speak. >> sean: yes, last word congressman cotton. >> we'll see what the content of these executive orders are, it's hard to imagine some of them won't overreach the constitutional powers as he has on so many other subject matters when he can't achieve the bipartisan consensus he needs because frankly there's a bipartisan consensus-- >> and i am a funny feeling i'll have you back here and by the way the best looking guy on tv, i don't care what they say about you in d.c. thank you for being with us. controversy over a new video game that lets the player
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>> and tonight, a violent new online video game called "bullet to the head of the n.r.a." a creating waves across the country and long with explicit images blurred on the screen, allowing them to shoot at the national rifle association, appears to be david keen or wayne lapierre. they target the n.r.a. official during the speech and screen grab number two, you see the official on the ground with another target pointed at him. and fox news contributor ka
9:26 pm
helped to break the story and fox news contributor tamara holder. can you imagine, katie, just for example, this was a republican against any prominent democrat? just remember targeted districts became a big deal. i don't hear president obama saying this has got to stop. this is unappropriate. tell us what you learned in your investigation. >> right, well, we all thought that we were in the age of new civility, right? a new tone, although president obama isn't responsible for what this gamer decided to do in making this incendiary and horrific game portraying the murder of n.r.a. president david keen,'s responsible for the ongoing discourse in the country, in the sense he hasn't come out and said although we may disagree with the positions of our opponents, including n.r.a., there's no need for vitriol or threats. and he's create add situation where he's punishing the n.r.a. for coming out against him before the election and punishing them now for going
9:27 pm
against what he wants to do in executive orders tomorrow and i don't see any outrage from the left on this. we get outrage over sandra fluke and things that don't matter and in this case we're talking about a serious situation david keen has received actual threats and a video game, a violent and disgraceful way. >> sean: let me ask you, do you approve of this video game? >> i don't approve of a lot of video games. >> sean: i ask you this one, targets that literally shows shooting n.r.a. members, is that okay with you? >> what it's about, showing the n.r.a. if you want the right to own a firearm, any kind of firearm, this is the kind of product we'll get, and the kind of video game. >> sean: you approve of it and fine with it. >> no, i'm not fine with it, but limit freedom of speech, and the second amendment. someone who can create a video game. >> sean: don't put words in my mouth, did i say to ban it? no, i'm talking about the
9:28 pm
appropriateness and the hypocrisy and double standards and silence of the left that went after sarah palin because she used bob beckel's term he invented it targeted districts. that's what i'm saying. >> we're not talking public people here, we're talking about a video game, a video game creator, it's not-- >> i've got it. another question for you, do you support -- obama's going to exploit children tomorrow, use them as props for a political advantage, and he's going to have all the kids around him. >> you're saying that, it's so sickening. >> sean: i'm right, it is sickening. >> it's the children who were killed, columbine and children killed at sandy hook and children around the country and saying he's he bexploiting them. >> sean: can i say maybe while the president is exploiting these kids, maybe apologize with burdening them with debt, and robbing their piggy banks blind while he has them. >> democrat like president
9:29 pm
obama are used to exploiting children. and using children to watch him sign the health care bill and using them tomorrow to push the gun legislatures-- not legislation, executive orders, and the families save their children every day through the use of firearms, but we won't see that tomorrow. >> sean: what are you shaking your head for, and mad about. >> i think you want to limit the first amendment by expanding the second amendment? and it's absolutely ridiculous, sean. >> sean: i told you i don't. i hope he apologizes to the kid of robbing them from their futures. >> you have them-- and david keane is a public official. >> not the creator of the video game. >> not the creator of the vote game. >> and we've got to run, thank you both for being with us. coming up, the president found himself a scapegoat why republicans want nothing to do with him. no, not his policies or his scare tactics, language. we're going to tell you who is pointing the finger--
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who he's pointing the finger at next and check with dana perino and stuart varney and log on to our companion site hannity live and follow the live show and in depth topics we're covering each night. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections
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>> i think there are a lot of republicans at this point that feel that given how much energy has been devoted in some of the media that's preferred by republican constituents to demonize me that it doesn't look real good socializing with me. >> sean: that was president obama doing what he does best, that's deflecting the blame for failed leadership on to republicans and targeting people in the media like me. let me explain to you, mr. president, why so many people on the right are so hesitant to sit down with you at the negotiating table is because some the statements you have made, well, like
9:35 pm
this. >> . >> what i will not do is to have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the american people. the threat that unless we get our way, unless you gut medicare or medicaid, or otherwise slash things that the american people don't believe should be slashed, that we're going to threaten to wreck the entire economy. >> it's unacceptable for some republicans in congress to hold middle class tax cuts hostage simply because they refuse to let tax rates go up on wealthiest americans. >> sean: gun at the head of the american people and republicans hostage takers and mr. president, comments like that are responsible for the gridlock in washington and whether or not mr. president, you like to believe it, you're to blame. and with us, stuart varney and
9:36 pm
co-host of "the five", dana perino, it never stops. >> at least he's consistent? good point. >> there are -- when there's a saying, you know, don't believe your own hype. i also think that in some ways presidents should not read their own press. there are always going be to be critics and i remember george w. bush did not spend a lot of times reading the nasty things that people said about him. he would say, look, this is where i think we need to go, this is a policy and help me get there. and he would try to bring in people from the other side to get that done. that wasn't always possible and people didn't always agree with him, but that was a bert approach and got more done because of it. >> that kind of pushing away, that kind of aggressive approach to the republicans, it's having an impact. there are consequences to this. fitch, the rating agency, is now warning about a downgrade. when the president says i'm not going to negotiate, that implies, well, we may not get a deal of any kind on the debt ceiling. it's pushing them away and fitch says, watch out, here comes a downgrade.
9:37 pm
this is entirely possible with very serious consequences. >> sean: he could use the kids tomorrow as he announces executive orders as props. >> exploit them. >> sean: exploit them, i agree, that's the right term. interesting, is he going to say to them, by the way i'm the guy that's giving you 10 trillion dollars in debt? is he going to say i'm sorry i broke open your piggy bank, young children? i tend to doubt it. the guy won't d spending, stuart. >> no, he will not deal with spending, under any circumstances this president will not cut spending, he will not negotiate on that issue, he will not cut spending. his policy is exactly the same now as it has been for the last four years, which is tax the rich, do not cut spending, ignore the buildup in the debt. he now owns this economy. it is his, it's got his name written all over it. >> sean: he was blaming the republicans, they forced me he to sign these things. >> okay, but here is the thing. >> sean: he blamed george
9:38 pm
bush. >> but it works for him. and bob beckel, the sage of the "the five" says this president redefined teflon ands it's true, that's why the republicans say, that being that, what's the best policy and what can we do. they're he not going to get what they want when they have president obama in the white house and senator reid in the senate. >> sean: wait a second you and i may have a disagreement and i love you to death. >> i feel that disagreement. >> sean: i know. >> coming on. >> sean: and i'm going to say this gently, stuart, help me. seriously, republicans were not elected to raise the debt ceiling and bring us into more debt and steal from our kids. where is the moral imperative that somebody, some party in in country is going to stand up and say enough is enough and we've got to live within our means and stop borrowing 46 cents of every dollar? where is that party? >> i think that they are there. they don't have a lot of-- a spokesperson yet. it's going to take some time. so, the thing is, this is the amazing thing.
9:39 pm
>> sean: capitulate in the meantime? >> i'm not saying that, but i think there is a responsibility for washington to say, okay, look, what are the things we can do within these parameters to make sure we don't wreck the economy. the fitch point, what obama is realizing, what fitch is saying could actually happen and smart preemptively to blame the republicans. >> sean: isn't it to be party, and balanced budget and greater freedom and to hell with the political consequences, take a stand? >> the republicans caved on the tax, yes, they did. they lost, they caved. >> sean: caved. >> and i don't like the word, but they did, they made a deal. they agreed to higher taxes on a certain group of people. >> they got permanent tax cuts for 98% of the people. >> that's obama's line. look, they don't have to cave now. now the issue is spending and debt. they should not, they must not cave now. >> sean: why do you disagree? >> i'm just, i'm a realist and a pragmatist. and i do not believe that
9:40 pm
there's any possibility of dealing with entitlement spending in the the next eight weeks to get something through congress. >> sean: quick question. >> which is what we need to do. >> sean: what wok so bad if the republicans said we're not going to raise the debt ceiling unless there's significant cuts. >> that should be the opening position. >> sean: then you have them cave? >> there has to be-- >> you two are hard to take seriously in your jeans, stuart varney is wearing a sport coat and-- it's not a suit and thrown my whole world upsidedown. >> sean: he's got lighter jeans. >> flat-out changed the subject. >> i learned that somewhere. >> sean: dodge. >> shift in position. >> sean: you say sage bob beckel "the five". >> did you not to that. tune in every day at five. >> sean: i watch the show. i love you both, goodbye, thank you. coming up, you are looking at, four of the president's key
9:41 pm
cabinet appointments. do you notice any similarities there? the press did and seems the champion of women's rights has failed to name any women to these posts. we're going to look at the lack of diversity in the president's changing administration. by the way, maybe he needs romney's book of binders and one of the greatest scandals in sports ends with an mea culpa, lance armstrong finally admits to doping and we'll look at his epic fall from ♪ [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you h heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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>> i'm very proud in the first four years we had as diverse, if not more diverse a white house and a cabinet than any in history. what i've made four appointments so far? and one woman admittedly a high profile one is leaving the administration, has already left the administration and i have made a reemployment, but i would suggest that everybody waits until they see all of my appointments who is in the
9:46 pm
white house staff and who is in my cabinet before they rush to judgment. >> sean: that was president obama during a press conference yesterday where he struggled to defend the lack of diversity among his be cabinet nominees, let me remind you are all white men and all chosen directly by the president himself. now, concerns about white house diversity is being raised, this administration has a history of problem when it comes to female employees versus male employees, for example, according to the daily caller, in 2012, women earned 13% less than male counterparts with a median salary of $62,000, compared to $71,000 for the men and joining me now with reaction for virginia g.o.p. chairwoman, and former advisor to senator harry reid himself the one and only penny lee. all right, penny, all the talk about war on women, i think maybe it's time for president obama to pick up the phone and call mitt romney and say, could i borrow your binders?
9:47 pm
because i need to get more diversity in my cabinet. does this bother you as a woman? >> well, you know, it'd be interesting if you'd actually shown some of the appointments that he actually made and that's what we saw today was the renewal of janet napolitano secretary of homeland, we also know that kathleen sebelius is returning as hhs secretary. so, he is, i think he was right in what he said, let us-- >> what about charlie rangel? charlie rangel was critical? charlie rangel-- >> but, sean, we know the process isn't ended yet and many more appointments to be made and i guarantee the president will be making those. >> sean: the top positions, the top women-- and before we go on, anita dunn former white house communications director. and pay close attention, the white house for a hostile workplace, meets tbecause it acy
9:48 pm
fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace. >> and christina romer said she felt like a piece of meat in the white house. it's known to be a boys' club. look, this president is happy to try to destroy republicans by painting them as somehow wanting to drag women kicking and screaming back to the 1950's. that's actually the language that he used. he viciously attacked mitt romney for saying that he went to extraordinary measures to pick women, qualified women. mitt romney at one point had more women in his cabinet than any other governor in the country, and yet, barack obama viciously attacked him and tried to say that somehow republicans are morally flawed because they don't like women. well, right now, this president has a major problem. none of those four-- these are major appointees that he has announced and none of them are women, and he's not -- we've got these pictures coming out of obama surrounded by white men. i've got them all over my
9:49 pm
website, it's hysterical and then they throw up a few with a few women, you know, conspicuously placed around him. this president is happy to claim to support women when it serves his political purposes. >> sean: and penny, i'm quoting women within his administration and kate is quoting women within the administration and charlie rangel is not a conservative, as a registered conservative-- and you're dismissing these comments? >> no, i'm not going to take anything away from janet napolitano, i think that's a very important position. second-- >> one, but that came after the criticism. >> no, it didn't. it came from the first administration and is ongoing because of the fine job she's done. >> sean: but dunn is wrong, it isn't a hostile environment and charlie rangel is wrong, lack of diversity-- and prominent liberals that work for obama they're making the claims out of thin air. >> i know many women, sean, i know many women there very
9:50 pm
satisfied and very happy and proud-- >> and thrown overboard in a moment when she could have used some support, but i won't mention names, isn't that true? >> she is, she is perhaps the-- >> and treated badly. >> and she was supported, she was supported. >> sean: should i name names? >> he she was supported by this president and able to do a fine job and delivering not only the reelection, but the ongoing-- >> sean, the president actually had to have a meeting of all the women in his white house, in his inner circle-- not the inner circle, but the white house when the complaints were overriding ap the president sat down with them and started meeting off looking at his watch and saying, are there really concerns here i need to know about? this president is completely dismissive. >> sean: why were women getting paid less then, penny? >> i don't know the answer to that and i think it's something, i agree with you, that's something that needs to be looked at. >> sean: needs to be looked at. maybe anita dunn was right. maybe a hostile work environment. >> and the bottom of it and find out why it is. >> sean: new both.
9:51 pm
>> for not supporting equal pay and he's not supporting equal pay. it's got to stop being a hypocrite. >> sean: coming up lance armstrong monumental fall from grace during his interview with oprah winfrey and johnnie bench. bench. and a controvvvvv try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do
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>> now, the fall from grace for cyclist lance armstrong after he denied using drugs and ruthlessly challenging those who claimed he did. he came clean during an interview with oprah winfrey thursday night on her network. she was asked about her sit-down earlier today. >> i would say he did not come clean in the manner that i expected. it was surprising to me. i would say that formyself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. >> sean: armstrong's mea culpa less than a week after accused steroid users were denied entry into the hall of fame including barry bonds, clemens
9:56 pm
and sammy sosa. joining me now and the drug enhancing scandal haunting major league baseball. i watched this guy growing up one of the greatest catchers in baseball history. the great johnnie bench. how are you. >> i'm wonderful, thank you for having me. >> sean: thanks for being here, you had one of the great red teams of all time and one of the great catchers of baseball. let's start, obviously, with lance. sad situation, obviously, admitted to something, but he denied it for long period of time. your reaction? >> well, i'm surprised oprah was mesmerized. for heaven's sake he's been lying and cheating for how many years, eight or nine years and winning and still denying and taking other people down with him? why be mesmerized and surprised at what he admitted to? there's people out there that will take advantage of it. it's the edge, there's money involved, whether it's the ego that goes aronning with it, i'm not sure. but you know, people are going to go as far as they can possibly go. they will go to the edge if they can, and you know, if you
9:57 pm
bend a rules a little bit, is that what we call cheating? is it something that was never illegal and you used it, was that called cheating? there's guys like mcguire and a few other players before that that used stuff that was not illegal by baseball standards, but yet, morally, it was totally wrong. and it's being affected this year and in the past few years by the voting that you've seen for the hall of fame. >> sean: that's a great point. let's go back 2004, 2005, 2007, look how adamant that lance armstrong is in his denials. look at this. >> we're sick and tired of these allegations and do everything we can to fight them. they're absolutely untrue. (inaudible) >> that was on my death bed, do you think i was going to come back in a sport and say, doctor give me everything you have you've got i want to go fast, no way. >> sean: he went hard and
9:58 pm
furious after people and apparently now not a full mea culpa. what are your thoughts? what should happen to him from here. >> keep denying from the oj trial and on. we've seen it with politicians that commit wrongdoings yet they continue to do it and continue to hang on and i think money should be given back, i mean, if he's worth all those hundreds of million dollars, rightfully the organization should be the one that benefits from it. i don't know that the postal service needs anymore advertising, i mean, they can't keep the postal service working as it is. and profit making organization. let the organization have it, livestrong is a beautiful organization that helps a lot of cancer people and a lot of people that work their tails off to make this happen. and i think he should be punished and fine, the medals are gone. the thing that would hurt him the most is financially putti taking the money away and putting it where it will help
9:59 pm
people. >> sean: all athletes have very short life span, the average nfl player for there four or five years. like, for example, andy pettitte, a great guy, great pitcher admit today human growth hormone to help heal an injury faster. can we use advancing technology in a way that should be legitimate or does that then put into -- does that compromise the people before him that didn't have that advantage and records and so on and so forth? >> i think the number one thing that bothers most hall-of-famers, sean, people will look at our records and say they weren't that good, we couldn't have been that good. first of all, we didn't have 500 home runs, we didn't hit 70 home runs and certainly didn't make 20 million dollars a year so we couldn't have been all that good. i think human growth hormones is probably the future if used right from the doctors and medical people that i talk to, i think a lot of it's being used in europe, as i understand it, and there are certain areas and


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